American Flyer Template

American flyers are an efficient promotional tool used by individuals who wish to spread awareness about a national idea or a cause. Talking about ideas, the most motivational ideas are generated under the theme of patriotism. Patriotic flyers are widely used all around the world to promote special days, remember heroes and or spread anthems. Likewise, the American flyer is a patriotic flyer ideal for the 4th of July or Memorial Day events.Using creative and inspirational slogans in combination with images of symbolic structures or national heroes can give great meaning and add life to a flyer.

American flyers are also widely used by political parties in promoting their ideologies. One of the main reasons why flyers are such a popular marketing medium is their cost effectiveness and the large amount of audience it reaches.In addition, emerging leaders either wishing to create a revolution or introducing a new idea use such flyers to distribute their point of view in the public.

Tips for Designing an American Flyer

The two most important and visible items on any flyer are the images and the presentation of the text. A good image with an organized and easily understood text should catch the most number of audiences. Let’s look at a few steps to designing a good American flyer:

  1. Gather information. You can only add limited information on a small piece of paper. Arrange your data and sort out the most important elements which must go on the flyer. Too much text can delude the reader and make them lose interest.
  2. Imagery. Non-designers easily get carried away, when it comes to adding images. Clip Art seems like an easy source here, but extend your vision to the free pool of image resources available on the internet. Make your flyer stand out by adding images which will make people glance at the flyer or even read it. With other flyers it is generally advised to use bright and colorful images, but the American flyer should preferably be less flashy and more in the red, blue and white color themes.Try a wavy flag instead of a straight one; add images of sport celebrities or army men which represent the United States of America. Select a few images and create a few test templates to see which combination of image(s) look best.
  3. Add the information. What, where and when. For e.g. “the fourth of July fireworks, near the ABC street, on the 4th of July 12:00 midnight”. Add contact details if necessary.An important note when adding text is the alignment, don’t just throw everything on the paper and expect people to find their way through the information. Align your text neatly and in a proper manner.
  4. Final touch. Place the patriotic images and the text in an easy to understand yet inspirational order, check alignments and font sizes, make sure the colors aren’t too sharp or too dull. Take out two or three sample flyers and get a vote on the best one you want to distribute.

With these steps complete you are good to go with your American flyer. You can also download above mentioned sample American Flyer Template from the link below,

American Flyer Template

Download American Flyer Template


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