Halloween Party Flyer Template

Here is a good looking sample Halloween Party Flyer Design that can be used as good starting point to create impressive Halloween Flyers. This flyer template is created using MS Word and can easily be modified to fit any particular situation it has to fulfill. Halloween is a yearly event that people celebrate on October 31st just before the All Saints Day.

Halloween is the time of the year that both kids and adults wait for all year long. This is the time of the year when you can bring out the inner child in you and become anything you want. From looking like Steve Jobs to Einstein, there are practically limitless ideas that you can use for your Halloween costumes. Social gatherings and parties are arranged on Halloween and if you want to be different this year, invite your coworkers, neighbors and friends to your Halloween party with a flyer. A Flyer is also known as a pamphlet and it’s usually used for marketing and advertisement purposes but you can also use it as an invitation to your Halloween party.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Halloween Party Flyer Template created using MS Word by our staff.

Halloween Party Flyer Template

Click here to download this Halloween Party Flyer.

Key Elements to include in a Halloween Flyer:

  • Bold heading i.e. Halloween party invitation
  • Name of the host who arranged the party
  • Venue of the party along with complete address
  • Contact details of the hosts i.e. phone number and email address
  • Details of the party i.e. type of costume to wear, food to bring etc.
  • Relevant pictures about Halloween

Tips for creating a Halloween Flyer:

  • Keep the flyer short and brief:
    Keep in mind that people these days have only a little time to read a flyer or a pamphlet and even if it’s given by their coworkers or friends, they would still appreciate it if it’s precise and short. The key purpose of creating a Halloween Flyer is to invite your friends, neighbors and coworkers to a Halloween party and this flyer should only convey that message.
  • Separate the details in various parts:
    If you add all the details and information without separating them, the flyer will look confusing and difficult to understand. The readers will have to struggle with finding the details they want i.e. contact number or address of the party. For that purpose, you should separate the details in various parts. There are many pages on a flyer and even if you use bi-fold or tri-fold flyer, there is still enough room for all the details to be separated. The design of the flyer along with the format and colors that you want to use will depend on the budget you have because a simple black and white flyer will cost less than a colored flyer.
  • Focus on the headings for each part:
    The heading of the flyer and the headings of other parts of the flyer are very important. The readers shouldn’t find it difficult to read an entire paragraph and then find out that you talked about the foods that will be available in your party. You should use clear, precise and bold headings for all the parts of the flyer i.e. address, venue, time and date, foods to bring etc.
  • List the important things in bullet lists:
    This tip is not just related to creating flyers and pamphlets but whenever you are writing a report, an essay or an evaluation summary, you should use more bullet points because it’s easier to read them and understand with a quick glance. The readers can easily get the idea without reading a lengthy paragraph.
  • Use relevant pictures on the flyer:
    A picture speaks thousand words and this role applies to everything. From a power point presentation on computer to a marketing flyer to an invitation for your Halloween party. When you are designing a Halloween Flyer, you should use relevant images. It’s not like you need to wait for the last minute until the decorations are done and then you take the pictures but you can download Halloween related pictures from internet and use them on the flyer.

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