House For Sale Flyer Template

If you’re trying to sale your house and you wish to announce this in people so that they know it’s for purchase, then creating an appealing and informative flyer and distributing it on a community location is an excellent way to get started. In order to save your time and money, here is a stunning house for sale flyer template that can make your house get noticed from the crowd. This flyer template will help you to add Just how and exactly information to make your flyer look like a professional brochure to its readers. You need to write down the fundamentals, historic facts and important features so that you can grab interested customer’s  attention. Usually, people fear to design their own flyer as they feel it will require them to learn some graphics application hence they hesitate to do it. However with our ready made flyer template you can easily and effectively create your own professional looking flyer in minutes. Moreover, it is always a good idea to start with something rather than starting with scratch to build everything and you might get lost in this way. 

A more common practice of selling a house is that you will contact a realtor and you will talk to him about the price that you are expecting on the house. After that, it’s the responsibility of the realtor to find buyers and visit the house with them. But, if you don’t want to share the profit on the house with any realtor, you can also sell the house by yourself. An easier way to advertise about an open house in the city is by using House for Sale Flyers. Flyers and pamphlets are used by companies to market their products and services but you can also use it to inform people about the house you are selling and to invite them to visit and put an offer on it.

Here is preview of this free House For Sale Flyer Template created using Microsoft Publisher,

House For Sale Flyer Template

Here is download link for this House For Sale Flyer Template,

Download House For Sale Flyer Template

Key elements to mention in the House for Sale Flyer:

  • A clear heading saying House for Sale Flyer
  • Name of the owner of the house
  • Address and exact location of the house
  • Contact number of the owner of the house
  • Details of visiting the house i.e. from 9am to 12pm or from 3pm to 5pm
  • If it’s an open house, mention it on the flyer
  • Details of the house i.e. number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square foot area etc.

Tips for creating a House for Sale Flyer:

  • Use pictures of the house on the Flyer:
    The best thing about a flyer is that you can use as many photos as you want. A flyer will always look good and attractive with more images and fewer words. You can also only use pictures and no written content at all but in that situation, your images should be precise and convey specific messages which is always difficult. For making the flyer more effective, take real pictures of the house by yourself and use them on the flyer. Take different photos from various angles and review them on computer later to find the perfect image for each part of the flyer.
  • List the benefits of the house in bullet points:
    Whenever there is something important that you want to discuss with the readers on a flyer, use more bullet points. Assume you have to read an entire paragraph just to find out a simple two-word conclusion at the end. You can help the readers by not wasting their time and giving them the details in fewer words with bullet points that are easy to understand.
  • Never mention any price on the flyer:
    A House for Sale Flyer is just a simple way to attract more potential buyers towards the property and if you want to sell your house quickly, don’t mention any specific price on the flyer. Ask the readers to visit the house and then discuss the price with the realtor or the owner of the house. You can ask them to make an offer on the house but it should also be done after they have visited and seen the house.
  • Have a separate section for visiting details:
    Most of the time, when a person uses House for Sale Flyer, it means he has time to spare so there is no need to include any realtor in the process. This also means that the owner of the property will be available most of the time for visits by the readers and potential buyers. If that’s the case, mention it on the flyer but if you will be available only for a specific time, mention it on the flyer and ask the readers to only visit during those hours of the day.

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